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Excalibur Token

The Excalibur token is specially designed for purchase of skins and apparel as NFTs in the Metaverses. The Excalibur token is focused on growing without limits. By working with our online virtual community and providing the most upto date stylish skins for your avatars. It is designed for the much-needed advancement of creating a unique image of your online self.
The Excalibur token is the first skins and apparel token which is built for success! The main idea behind the Excalibur Token is to provide a unique and bespoke range for the user to roam the Metaverse with their unique skins made especially for them.
The Excalibur token comes with a maximum circulating supply of 1B (billion) on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). 
Depending on the ownership percentage of each holder, 5% will be distributed to the holders, 10% will be distributed to the designers, 4% will be used for marketing and building a great base for launching us into the Metaverse. 
BURN will be carried out periodically so that the circulating supply decreases, the scarcity of tokens increases. This inverse relationship is a model of supply and demand. There is no limit to how many tokens can be burned. With no burning limits, holders can enjoy endless cycles of passive income.



Road Map


Idea, Design Creation

Smart Contract Created

Documents Built

Platform Development

Swap Development



Growth Bigger Community

Token promotion

Pink Sale IDO

Pancake Listing

Add Liquidity

Locked Liquidity

OTC Platform Developing

Open Partnership